We seek to exceed our clients’ expectations by using our knowledge, tools and expertise to achieve total customer satisfaction!

Reseck Excavation is a local family run small business and with lower overhead and can pass the savings on to you!

Reseck Excavation has the team and equipment fleet to accomplish all types of Excavation, Grading and other tasks. More importantly however, we also have the knowledge of man made and natural conditions which can directly impact the future use of a site, such as utilities, right of ways, the different types of soils, vegetation, pitch, rainfall, and groundwater, which together help to determine the future successful use of your site.

Reseck Excavation has the skills, the experience, and equipment to properly and efficiently complete your project and exceed your expectations.

Some of our specialties include:

We can professional cut, dig, scrape and scoop, make your hole, pit, trench, trough for your project until it meets the epic proportions that best meet your needs! 🙂

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We are versed in landscape architectural construction, helping you to ensure a level base, specified slopes, for your construction work such as foundations, the base course for a road or a railway, landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.

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We professionally dig trenches, for laying pipes or cables, for installing drainage, or in preparation for trench warfare!  🙂

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Whether its removing natural features from your lot, or complete demolition, we can take care of that with out knowledge, skills and machinery!  We can help you plan ahead to logically remove trees, stumps, shrubbery, and any other natural vegetation from your site to accomplish your goals while leaving features which could enhance your project.  Additionally, we can demolish structures and haul away any and all debris.

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Do you need to get rid of some dirt or other debris?  Do you need to get some mulch, rock or dirt delivered? Whether you are a residential customer working on a landscaping project in your own backyard or you are a contractor developing a large plot of land, our dump truck service can help!

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We provide Residential and Commercial Demolition!  We enjoy tearing down and hauling off your buildings and and other structures leaving you with a fresh new palate to create your new dream!

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Pruning, Planting, Technical Removal/Falling, Cabling & Bracing, Chipping and Stump Grinding.  We have you covered for all of your tree services

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We can remove those difficult stumps! From pulling to grinding, we have the tools and experience to provide you the results that you desire!

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From Real Estate, Recreational Property Enhancement, Wildlife and Rangeland Habitat Developement, Wetlands Restoreation, Forestry Site Prep and Right Away Clearing, We provide cost effective land clearing and brush grinding services in the Puget Sound and surrounding areas. Our environmentally conscious approach keeps soil disturbance to a minimum and never leaves brush piles to burn!

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 Drainage, especially in a wet climate, is critical to protecting your building and landscaping investement.  We specialize in French, Perimeter, and Land drains.

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Fences are available in a wide range of types, styles and materials.  We can help you to select the best one.  We specialize in Picket Fencse, Dog Run Fences, Wood Fences, Privacy Fences, Pool Fences, Receptacle Fences, Fence Post, Gates, Electric Gates, and More…

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We help you to choose the right retaining wall material for your Residential & Commercial walls!  We can take care of your Gravity, GeoGrid, Piling, Cantilever, Anchored and Segmented Retaining Wall needs… We have experience in wood, Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete Blocks, Interlocking and more…

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Learn more about the Reseck Excavation Team and how we feel about our customers!

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We have the best customers in the world! Please click below to see more about our customers and what they have to say about Reseck Excavation!

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We professionally dig trenches, for laying pipes or cables, for installing drainage, or in preparation for trench warfare!  🙂

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We go above and beyond our clients’ expectations by providing the integrity and character you deserve with an experience that you’ll enjoy!

Please read a few words from some of our customers below…

★★★★★ I can’t say enough good things! I am so happy my friends referred me!!! Love my new backyard!! Thanks Danny! You are AWESOME! (And thanks to Gary and Cathy Rider for sharing 🙂
Debbie Olson, Auburn, Washington


★★★★★ I have hired Danny to do work for me a few times now! Danny is one of the smartest guys that I know and does his work with knowledge, experience and passion that everything is done exactly right. Hiring Danny will result in the best quality work that you can ask for accomplished by a really good guy! Hire Reseck Excavation for all of your Excavating needs! Oh, did I mention that he also has the best prices available? In light of his quality of work, that was an after thought! Thanks Danny!


★★★★★ Excellent job, Danny. That big ugly dead tree is now out of my front yard. When it fell it would hit my house. Thanks for the fast response and quick service in removing it.
Carlin Coffer, Happy Customer
Kimberlee Fisher, Happy Customer
★★★★★ Danny, after seeing you big orange truck, getting your card and starting the path to our new yard, you have shown use that honest, hard working, and quality people are out there. You pricing is more than reasonable and your great to work with.  Folks, this is a hands down great person! His work ethic is impeccable!
I recommend him whenever you need yard, fence,landscaping and oh yes excavation work done.  Can’t wait for the the top soil and grass, then onto the front yard!
★★★★★ Here are before and after pictures of recent yard work we had completed at our home in Covington. The fantastic results were accomplished by Danny Reseck, owner of Reseck Excavation. They provided a very competitive bid, completed the work on time, within budget with excellent results. We couldn’t be more pleased!
Malene Go-Hawks Roberson, Auburn, Washington
★★★★★ Outstanding service and job quality. Highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I plan on recommending Danny and his team to friends and colleagues!
Kellie Williams, Tacoma, Washington


Why do business with us?

✓ Locally Owned and Operated!
✓ Client Driven, Professional, Licensed, Bonded and Insured Company  – RESECE*871NF!
✓ High-Quality, Safe and Friendly Expert Service!
✓ Competitive Prices!
✓ 24/7 Emergency Work!

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